Hey bunch of things to say on this page!!

First off, I’m fighting off a nasty flu and so I might be a little late uploading pages, so please forgive me.

Secondly, first fan character cameo! The unicorn in the green shirt is Pachito, fan character of xXDoctorMythXx on deviantart. I am super excited any time someone draws fan art for my comic, but to draw fan characters? Hoo boy was I excited! Myth was kind enough to let me cameo Pachito in the comic. And Myth’s not the only one, I’ve got some more fan characters to cameo so look forward to them!

Thirdly, you may have noticed Twee mention she’s a golem. I wasn’t sure if anyone noticed, but on page 4 of the Intermission Hat says that golems choose their names from their first auditory memory, and a panel of birds chirping is shown, which was Twee’s memory. So if you were ever wondering what Twee’s deal is, now you know.