Thanks for waiting everyone!

It’s customary to bow before the king.

Also, little cameo here (in silhouette unfortunately though)! The two upyrs on king’s right are my friend’s characters (named Alex and Arron!). She’s my beta reader and helps me out with writing, and was very kind to let me cameo some of her characters as upyrs into my comic. You’ll be seeing them more later on (not in silhouette).

—Redo Notes— (Possible spoilers for new readers!)

Comparison Page 141 Made the color palette more saturated while also a little sickly looking, to make it the scene feel a little uneasy. This page has also been split into two, mostly so that the reveal of the High Mages could be a little prettier. I wasn’t happy with how empty the king’s court was originally, so I added some characters who will be appearing again later on in the comic. Also changed the “font” (I struggle to call it that, since I was doing all the lettering by hand) that I used for the king because it’s just… so bad