And we’re back! I hope you’re ready for this new chapter three, there are a lot of changes from the original that I hope you’ll all still enjoy. And also just a reminder that if you’d like to see pages ahead of time, and WIP’s of comics you can join my Patreon! We’re a few pages ahead there, and I also showed off some scrapped bits from this chapter cover for anyone pledging $3 or more!

—Redo Notes— (Possible spoilers for new readers!)

Comparison Page Cover Big composition changes! Biggest change was removing Lee and Ling from the cover (Unfortunately). I also wanted this cover to tie in more to chapter 2 appearance wise since their storylines are connected. I also took the concept from the original of Badger and Pecan hanging from the top of the cover and instead had them running across the top, which I thought was fun and I enjoyed drawing a lot (although the constant flipping of the page did wear on me after a while haha).